Table mountain Oroel

Our B&B is located at an altitude of 987 meters at the border of a gigantic forest: Oroel National Park.

In the middle of this park is the Peña Oroel (1764m) situated. This table mountain offers phenomenal views of the Pyrenees from the top. An not to be missed hiking trail for every guest of our B&B.

The hike to the top starts at the Parador and is 7,6 km back and forth. The difference in height is 578m and is perfectly doable for most hikers (about 3 hours of walking).

It is an ideal entry-level walk during your stayy with us. After the hike we ask you how it went. Based on your answer we will suggest a lighter, heavier or equivalent hike.

Impressive Waterfalls

During the winter months, a thick layer of snow is formed in the mountains. During spring and summer, the water comes down in hundreds of places.

Discover the most beautiful waterfalls in the valleys nearby.

World famous and also Unesco World Heritage is the Ordesa valley with a number of impressive waterfalls such as the Horsetail waterfall.

Also in other valleys you can find very impressive waterfalls. In a number of places you can even take a breathtaking shower.

We are happy to help you choose the best hike depending on the water flow and your hiking skills.

Extraordinary mountain formations

The Ordesa valley is not only famous for its beautiful waterfalls but also for the upright mountain walls of almost 1000 meters high. In addition to the classic hike, which is doable for everyone, there are a number of more challenging trails waiting to be explored.

Located more south from our B&B, the Mallos de Riglos is an absolute must see. This place was awarded by the newspaper Le Monde in 2022 as one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The ideal time of the year to hike in this region is spring or autumn.

Furthermore, we can send you out to go hiking in lunar landscapes, to visit a natural arch in the Tena Valley, to see a ‘glacier’ that is not a glacier and to be astounded  by a mountain formation that resembles a red castle.

Crystal clear 'Ibones'

Ibones are mountain lakes located at an altitude between 1500 and 3200 meters. In the Aragonese Pyrenees there are currently 197 of these lakes. In some you will find crystal clear water, which invites you to dip your toes or to take a short swim on hot summer days.

Starting from Astun you can go up with the chair lift during the summer months. There starts a beautiful hiking trail along various Ibones.

Also at other locations, beautifully hidden lakes can be found, waiting for the best holiday picture.

Abandoned villages and Roman churches

You can also go for a walk and soak up some history at the same time.

The Pyrenees are known for their hundreds of abandoned villages. Many date from the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Since the last 10 years, some of these villages have been rebuilt, but most of them are ghost villages where nature has taken over.

The novel “The Yellow Rain” was even written about the decline of one of the villages in our area. Highly recommended for lovers of novels.

The dozens of Serrablo churches are also known for their architecture. We recommend an easy hike through some of these churches.

Not to be missed, is the hike and story of the patroness of Jaca.

The Pilgrimsroute Camino de Santiago

Several routes lead to Santiago de Compostela. The Aragonese route to Jaca starts from Oloron in France. The border is crossed via the Somport mountain pass.

The pilgrims enter Jaca on the famous Puente San Miguel.